FIM 2010 provision Exchange 2013



Is it possible to use the Granfeldt Powershell MA to provision to Exchange 2013 in FIM 2010?
If yes, then in AD MA should we need to select the 2010? Please clarify.


benoitboudeville wrote Nov 12, 2016 at 8:47 AM

I don't see how it is an "issue". More a question...

  1. yes it is possible, need your own Exchange RemotePS logic in there
  2. you should always have an Exchange RPS provisioning Uri on an AD MA where Exchange is installed. This is particularly true if you flow attributes such as givenName, initial, sn, mailNickName or even displayName, which may all be used with E-mail Address Policies.
Remember FIM/MIM only send an "Update-Recipient" command to finalize partially-provisioned Exchange objects or let Exchange update an existing object.